Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First few pictures

Hi! Welcome to the new blog of the Mower Family. Here's a few pictures we'd like to share. Hope you enjoy! Hugs!

Danny helping Andrew carve his pumpkin.

Yari helping Didi (Dee Dee) carve her pumpkin. Don't worry, we were very careful.

This is the design she wanted for her pumpkin which she picked out of the design book

Andrew is proud of what Daddy did on his pumpkin!

Proud Didi!

All our jack-o-lanterns (real ones and plastic ones alike!) :o)

And here's a few Halloween pics:

Didi was a "pink princess"! {of course}

Andrew was a robot and I got to make his costume which was SO much fun! He LOVED it! He even told me, "Mom, I am so happy that you made my robot costume for me."

And here's the kids with their cousin Lindsay at our ward's Halloween party. So adorable!

And unfortunately we did not take a picture of Joshua because I kind of forgot (but I will put the costume on him again and take a picture of him because his first Halloween costume picture IS very important, even if I forgot to take one. Oops!). But just so you know he was a really dang cute 1940's paper boy.

And one picture from Nov. 4th:
Yay! I voted for the first time in my life. I am finally a citizen of the USA!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


So I had to make a transition and change my blog address for reasons related to my digiscrapping. Sorry about that. Hopefully you guys won't have any trouble updating your blog list and linking to here instead because I will no longer be using my other personal blog. Gotta go! Blog you later! Hugs!!!